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Hi Katy

I was very taken with your presentation last week when you came for the inspection to my door, you looked and dressed immaculately. Your company should be proud of you in the way you go about your position in the company. Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to do business through you and Neville Richards Real Estate.

John & Denise Coe

Dear Luke,

I wanted to let you know about the outstanding service received from Jo relating to my rental property 1/2 Traum St.  When the house settled I came to the property to give things a bit of a clean before my potential tenant moved in.  Unfortunately, there was no power on in the house and I had bought a vacuum and electric steam mop to do the floors.  I was going to get the electricity connected and return to the property.  In hindsight, I should have gone to the shops and bought a broom and mopping supplies!  It was very hot that week and I was panicked about the electricity not being on!!

Jo called me to say she had found a tenant for the property, which settled on a Friday, and they could move in the next Thursday!!!  I was excited but still concerned I had not cleaned the floors.

I can only describe Jo’s actions as above and beyond anything you could ever expect from a Property Manager.  On a 35 degree day, Jo borrowed a friends electric vacuum and went to the property, after work, to clean the floors.  I continue to tell this story to my family and friends, who have never heard of any Real Estate Agent taking such remarkable actions to ensure the tenant and I would be happy.

I’m sure you appreciate how great your staff are but feel this action deserves recognition.

Melissa Dillon

Dear Trevor, we cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us. You are the most kind, honest & decent real estate agent ever. We would love to welcome you to our home for coffee, wine, beer whenever you are in our neighbourhood. Looking forward to being very much part of the Portarlington & Indented Head community. Our warmest regards & thanks

Marianne Cassin & Charlie Vella

Neville Richards is synonymous with St Leonards. Always willing to support the community and its activities. Neville Richards' sales standards are impeccable and they have the finger on the pulse at all times. We have had dealings with Neville Richards over the last 9 years and always finished up happy and satisfied. Neville Richards are the best and most professional sales team I have come across (having dealt abroad and in Sydney). It is well known in the community that if you want results, you go to Neville Richards!!!

Annette Nicholls

7 testimonials found - Page 1 of 2

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